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Premier Kenai River fishing with a commitment to excellence. With over 20 years of Alaska fishing experience, I established my Kenai River guide service with a desire to share this amazing
resource with both the first-time visitor, and seasoned Alaska fly fishermen. Fishing is a
passion. The Kenai River and its world class Rainbow Trout and salmon are an incredible
resource to behold. Whether you are after Rainbow Trout, King Salmon, Sockeye
Salmon, or Silver Salmon, I can help you plan a trip to remember. You can
expect personalized service, expert instruction, top of the line fly fishing
or conventional fishing gear, a comfortable boat, and a friendly and
knowledgeable Alaskan fishing guide.

Your experience on the Kenai River is our primary concern, along with your
safety, and care for this incredible resource. In addition to the possibility of some
world-class fishing, you will have the opportunity to learn about the habitat and
perhaps see other Alaskan wildlife such as eagles, moose, and once in awhile, bears.

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kenai river fishing

At the heart of Alaska fly fishing is the Kenai River. Unique in its beauty and abundance of record-setting fish, the Kenai River is quite possibly the world’s best and most accessible location for Salmon and Trout fishing. Beginning its journey from the Kenai Peninsula glaciers, the stunning turquoise waters meander from Kenai Lake down to the Cook Inlet near the small city of Kenai. The Kenai River is made up of three distinct sections, each with its own unique characteristics and opportunities for world-class fishing with an experienced Kenai River Fishing Guide. Just a short distance from Anchorage, the Kenai River is easy to access, making it the best sport fishing and angler vacation destination on earth. Whether you’re looking for Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Silver Salmon or a trophy Rainbow Trout, the Kenai River will not disappoint. Your Kenai fishing guide will provide you with the best gear, advice, and a great spot for catching your Kenai River Salmon or Trout.

king salmon

Home to the world’s largest Salmon, Kenai River King Salmon fishing is an experience like no other. Each year thousands of King Salmon enter the Kenai River, making it the ideal destination for big game fishing. In 2017, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game sonar counts estimated over 20,000 large King Salmon. The Kenai River has seen increasing runs of Large (over 34”) King Salmon every year for the past several years. Our Kenai River guide can help you catch your very own Mighty King! Fishing for King Salmon on the Kenai River is a must for any Alaska fishing trip.

sockeye salmon

Pound for pound, Sockeye Salmon are some of the most exciting fish to catch on the Kenai River. Sockeye Salmon fishing is generally with a fly rod executing what is locally known as the “Kenai Flip”. We will teach you this method and then stand ready with the net. Kenai Salmon fishing is a thrill. Once you hook a Sockeye, be ready for an incredible fight. These guys aren’t as sizable as King Salmon, but any good Kenai River Guide won’t discount how fun they are to catch. Be sure to choose a Kenai River Fishing Guide that knows the best spots to catch Sockeye.


Majestic, beautiful, and hard fighting, Kenai River Rainbow Trout are some of the most rewarding fish you will catch on your trip to Alaska. Each year these Rainbow Trout grow to impressive sizes as they feed on the flesh and eggs of spawning Salmon. Kenai River fly fishing is some of the best in the world and Perry is the Kenai River Guide to help you catch the rainbow of your dreams. Kenai River Trout fishing is a fantastic experience that anglers around the world dream about. Catch yours on an Alaska Fishing Trip today with a knowledgeable Kenai River Guide.


One of the most exciting fish to catch, Silver Salmon are acrobatic and versatile and will put even the best anglers to the test. You can expect elegant displays and quick spins from these athletic fish which never fail to surprise. Silver Salmon arrive in the Kenai River in early August and continue to increase in numbers throughout the month. Averaging 8 to 14 pounds, and an unlimited amount of energy and aggression. Silver Salmon make for some of the most exciting salmon fishing to be had with your Kenai River Guide with your choice of spin or fly fishing.


Adding to the Kenai River fishing, Dolly Varden are present in large numbers. Dolly Varden can often be found schooling behind Salmon waiting for the egg drop. This creates an excellent opportunity for anglers to “match the hatch” with their own egg imitations. Fishing beads under an indicator is great fun and a often seen method. Many Kenai River Guides take great care in painting their own beads and can be extremely protective of their most successful recipes. Dolly’s are plentiful in a variety of waters in the Kenai Peninsula and are the perfect fish to consider when you want to pair your fishing experience with the incredible variety of landscapes.


Halibut is the true heavy-weight of the Alaskan fishing world and are known to reach well into the 300 pound range. While the tastier fish are often smaller and far more plentiful, the thrill of angling for a fish in the same weight class as yourself is unparalleled. Plentiful in the pristine waters of the Kenai Peninsula, these fish will give even a seasoned angler a run for their money and can be found in a variety of waters, giving you the opportunity to create a truly tailored experience. Regardless where you go, it will undoubtedly be a trip you won’t forget and fodder for your best fish stories.

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You’ll find extremely competitive pricing and uncompromising value on your Kenai River fishing trip with Corsetti’s Guide Service. We offer guided fishing trips for Rainbow Trout, King Salmon, and Sockeye Salmon and Silver Salmon on the world famous Kenai River.

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“We fished with Perry in late July. There were 5 of us from the Atlanta, GA area and Perry went out of his way to make sure we had a good time and were successful. We nearly caught our limit, even though none of us had ever tried the “Kenai Flip”. He had plenty of coffee to keep us warm and provided us with waders. Perry runs a first class operation. You can’t go wrong with Corsetti’s Guide Service.”

jack f atlanta – usa

“We started the day early on Perry’s recommendation. We made a scenic run up the Kenai River about 6 miles to the Middle Kenai. As a novice fisherman who had never fly fished for trout before Perry was extremely patient teaching us the proper technique In no time, we were catching beautiful nice sized Rainbows. We even brought in a 20 in. Rainbow to the boat. Having lived in Alaska and fishing the Kenai River most of my life I can’t believe I have been missing out on such an awesome opportunity for a great experience and fantastic fishing. I highly recommend Corsetti’s Guide Service as a top-notch Kenai River Guide. ”

Matt W. Alaska – usa

“Perry was very personable and made me feel very welcome in the boat despite not being a very good fisherman. He gave me good advice and we had a great day catching some decent size trout. Would definitely recommend his guiding service to a friend!.”

Josiah M usa

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If you are looking for​ personalized service on your Alaska fishing trip, Corsetti’s Guide Service is a committed and reliable professional Kenai River Fishing Guide service. With the expertise and ability to provide instruction as needed or desired in Alaska fly fishing or conventional gear fishing for trout or salmon, you will have as much fun fishing as catching when the opportunity presents itself. Our passion is both fishing and sharing Alaska with each and every client we have the privilege of having in our boat. Contact us to get started on ​planning​ your perfect Alaska fishing experience.

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