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At Corsetti’s Guide Service, our primary goal is to share the beauty of Alaska with each friend that visits our great state. I first came to Alaska in 1988 and have been fishing, exploring and sharing it ever since. As a lifelong outdoorsman, I’d heard about the world-class fishing on the Kenai River, and once I was able to muster up the resources and a vehicle to make the drive, it did not disappoint! Its charm overwhelmed me all those years ago and still has a grip on me that I can’t shake.

Alaska fishing takes you to some of the most beautiful places on earth. Kenai River fishing is like no other. As many visitors discover, the beauty in this pursuit of fishing finds you, moves you, and eventually possesses you. It leads you to many other amazing discoveries.

My love for fishing began at a young age and has been a passion of mine ever since. As a six-year-old boy, I remember following my father along the Truckee River in California and catching my first trout. It’s this lifelong passion for the sport of fishing that I bring to every Kenai River guide service I provide.

I enjoy sharing the wonderful Kenai River fishery with every visitor I guide, but what makes my fishing trips different is the fact that in addition to helping you have a chance to catch the trophy fish of a lifetime, I also focus on teaching you the simple joy of “river time”. Fishing on the Kenai River is about more than catching fish.While hooking an impressive catch is part of it, appreciating the beauty of your surroundings is just as important. Since starting my guide business, I’ve guided clients and friends on some of the most incredible adventures they’ll ever have. And in sharing these experiences with others, I in turn am rewarded with even more great memories and another dose of “river time”.


I am certified by the Kenai River Guide Academy and Alaska Department of Fish and Game. These certifications prove my knowledge in the Kenai River Fishery, which includes not just being able to fish and be a friendly guide, but also doing these things responsibly. As an Alaska State Park, the Kenai River is carefully looked after and all Kenai River Guides are taught about everything from fish and game regulations to safety, ethics and conservation on the river. Guides need to complete the Kenai River Guide certification to receive a license to act as a guide on this majestic river.

At Corsetti’s Guide Service, we’ve been fishing in Alaska for more than 20 years. My experience and expertise mean I can help you get exactly what you’re looking for from your trip to Alaska and the Kenai River. From rainbow trout to king salmon, our Kenai River guides take you to the best part of the river to catch the fish you want. When you book a trip with us, we arrange a fishing trip just for your group. That means you get the time and attention you’re paying for, with no need to share.

Our experiences are small and intimate, and easily customizable. Talk to us about your wants and needs, and we can tailor an itinerary that helps you get it all done. We provide personalized service, fishing instruction, and a complete package so you have all that you need for your trip. On each trip, your guide provides fishing and safety equipment, snacks, and bottled water (though you should bring a lunch). As well as reasonable rates per day, and half-day trips, we offer discounts for military personnel and professional educators.

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